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Thread: palmgren tools

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    palmgren tools

    Hi , I ve been seeing ads for Palmgren woodworking tools, does anyone have any comments, good or bad on them?

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    I have a Sears lathe that was made by Palmgren, and have generally been happy with it. I did have some problems with it, and it took me a while to figure out the cause, but Palmgren's tech support was very willing to help me out, even though they really weren't obligated to help me with a Sears tool.

    The Palmgren tools seem to be budget-minded import tools, but they also seem to have a US company providing good service on what they sell.
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    I have the Sears lathe like Vaughn and for the price I paid I cannot complain.

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    I had the Sears lathe made by Palmgren and like Vaughn siad, Palmgren has been very helpful. I had the Sears techs come out and repair the Reeves drive while the lahte was still under warranty. These guys weren't very knowledgable, but at least got me running again. I then sold the lathe (bought a new PM3520B) and the buyer took it apart to clean it up and found some stuff the techs missed. I pit him in touch with Palmgren and they sent him the parts he needed and walked him through what he couldn't figure out. The last time I talked to him the lathe was again fully operational. According to Palmgren, the Sears model is made to Craftsman's specifications. The Palmgren model is made to their own (supposedly more stringent) specs... and it's about half the cost if you buy it through Amazon.

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    I was just wondering, I hadn't heard of them before, some of their tools wern't that cheap ie $500 for planer about same for jointer, $180 for 8" grinder. Found them on Amazon and was wondering about quality. Thanks

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