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Thread: KettleBells

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    OK I guess this is where this project should go.
    I'm working on improving my lifestyle, I'm eating better, and I try to walk 5Km each day. I decided to add some weight lifting to my routine, but I don't want to add a bench etc. I want to do something dynamic, and I have a number of friend who have gotten into the whole Core Fitness movement. Kettlebells looked good, but they are spendy and not common uhere in Tokyo. I do have the flat plates from some dumb bells, so I wanted to use them, this is what I came up with......

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Each as it sits weighs about 16 lbs

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The bottom piece unscrews and you can add or remove plates.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A short video showing how the kettlebells are used. I'm just doing the basic two handed swing right now and I have to say it is one heck of a work out!

    It sure is nice to have the tools to be able to just make stuff!

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    Having been doing CrossFit since '04, I know these little beauties well. I've never seen this version though and I love them. Great job Stuart.

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    Build your own how your mind works. They look great and what a great idea. Have yet to see anything like this before. I've seen the standard bells but not like this where you can add or take away weight. Novel concept. Now questions, how is the handle made? Attached? What type of wood?

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    Those are pretty cool Stu!
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    That's usin' yer noggin.....and other parts. Good on you for taking charge of your life.
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    Made me want to get out my broom and start sweeping

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    I'm with Ted!! If you get tired of lifting, just curl 'em!
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    You should patent that idea and sell adjustable kettle bells. Seriously.
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    Cool Stu.
    Bernie W.

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    Quote "It sure is nice to have the tools to be able to just make stuff!"

    I sure agree with you on this one.

    Those are nice work what did you use for the handle i can see its metal wrapped i presume in the good ole hockey tape but did you bend rod and pull some tubing over it. Nice job anyhow.


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