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Thread: foolish act of vandalism

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    foolish act of vandalism

    I took my wife last night after work to the local supermarket.
    with an expected blizzard, the shopping center lot which is normally packed on any afternoon, was near impossible to even get into , with all the cars double parking waiting on people.
    I dropped my wife off, and drove to the furthest end of the lot, and there was one space.
    There was a small import car in the next spot, parked almost diagonally, his front drivers side was over the yellow line,(to the left of him) and his rear passengers side was over the line on the other parking spot to his/her right.
    I had my f-150, and I backed in as far over as I could go to leave the driver enough room to get in, ofcourse, it was a squeeze, but I did not tell him to take up 3 spots on the busiest day of the year in that lot.
    I sat in my car, waiting on my wife, and decided maybe I should walk over in case she needed a hand.
    I wasnt gone more than 5 minutes, I come back, theres a scratch, keyed in on the door that was next to that car. My mirror was folded in, so obviously the driver felt a need to key up my truck.

    Im kinda glad I didnt bump into him/her. Regardless of female/male, age, I might have just lost it and done something I would have regretted later on.

    It was foolish. There are no security cameras, or at least noone fessed up to there being any.

    It wasnt worth getting police invovled.

    It was totally uncalled for, and when I woke up this morning I realized what a sad, sad sack of dirt that person that did that to my car must be.
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    Yep, I thank God I don't witness such acts to me or mine as I wouldn't probably be a free man any longer. And quite honestly, my rage would be putting myself on their level, but in the heat of the moment, my brain isn't wired to know that I guess. Got into a public brawl when a guy set a beer can on the hood of my street rod, he evidently hadn't been whipped before by a little guy. My wife still remarks about that from time to time.

    So, don't mean to hijack, but how are the Bostonians and surrounding people faring today with the epic blizzard?

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Sorry that happened Allen. Some folks are no dang good and it would be nice to go old school on them when they get caught in the act....but back in the old school days not every tom dick and mary was packin heat, legal or not. Confrontations these days can be down right dangerous. My son whips out his cell phone and starts taking a movie when ever someone gets in his face. It seems to calm things down.

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    Man, that bites, Allen. Dunno when or where it happened, but someone keyed the driver's side mirror on my Lexus a while back, so I can relate.

    Note to self: Don't put a beer on the hood of Jon's hot rod.
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    Allen that just sucks, big time. There is no way to comprehend why people do these things.
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    I had a boss that bragged to me about taking his boot heel and kicking in a door on a car he thought parked to close to him at work. Never had too much respect for him afterwards...


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    [Sarcasm]Well clearly Allen, you did not have the proper respect for this (redacted due to COC).[/Sarcasm]

    I like to think that for people like that, living with themselves is punishment enough.

    I guarantee they are a miserable person, with no respect for themselves or others and live their lives in a drama filled way with plenty of negative run ins with authority and incarceration.

    People who do that, are in fact, scum of the earth.
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    You are right Allen it was a foolish act. Some people in our society today lack values and morals. Like my mother always told me "it takes all kinds".

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    The world is full of buttheads. I'll write down the license plate of anyone who I think is sketchy and parking near me. No offense meant to all my buddies In Massachusetts but that's where most of the sketchies come from. NH has no sales tax so we get them coming from all over.
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    Its a lowlife/criminal mentality.

    Im sure he/she is sitting right now having dinner or last night and is bragging about how some guy parked close to him so I taught him a lesson, I keyed up his car, and the other lowlifes sitting around his table, probably with children present, are all high fiving.
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