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Thread: The Walking Dead

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    The Walking Dead

    Even though that's how I sometimes describe myself & my unemployment situation I'm referring to the television series on AMC...Mmmm Zombies
    I'm not one for much tv, I'm more into streaming movies, but I have to say this series has me hooked! Lots of interesting sub-plots, but way too short, time-wise...can't get enough ...oh yeah, the wife calls it "that dead soap opera". I remind her that when the apocalypse hits, I'll be well versed in the survival tactics anyways....anyone watch or care to share a favorite 'series'?
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    I've watched the first two seasons, and I did enjoy it, but for the survival techniques, well, when it come to the Walking Dead, how about a spear? Just a long stick with a sharp point, does not even have to be steel, but that would be a much better way for close up work (trying to stay within the CoC here)
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