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Thread: solvent for Polyurethane glue?

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    solvent for Polyurethane glue?

    I don't really like to clean up someone else's mess but.... I did a repair job for my son's boss (fixed a Tall clock his dog knocked over and chewed the corners off) Turned out to be a rather simple task, just looked difficult at first. Well, anyway, I did a nice job of it and he was so pleased..... and paid Hansom amount for my efforts. Now he has brought me another screw up that he tried to fix. A really nice four poster bed that they knocked the finial off when moving. Split the top of the post, then he tried to glue it back together with Gorilla Glue (Polyurethane glue) and you know that when it swells it pushes if not properly clamped. It did, but is holding nicely, too nicely, I am afraid to try to break it off for fear that I start a major repair job and I don't want to refinish the piece, just fix and blend the finish. So...

    My problem is I don't have a clue what to use as a solvent for Poly glue, to soften it where I can pry off the piece w/o further damage. Any ideas?

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    Hi Bill, I checked my bottle of Elmer's Pro Bond, which I believe is similar to Gorilla, and it recommends clean up with acetone or mineral spirits. I guess once the glue has set and hardened acetone very delicately applied would be a route to go. Obviously it is likely to damage any finished areas it comes into contact with but you know those perils well.
    Another possibility is to leave the offending piece where that dog can get at it and maybe he/she will solve the problem for you... LOL.
    Good luck.

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    The squeeze out of gorilla glue is usually a pretty soft foam. Try paring it away with a nice sharp chisel.



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    i agree with ian......i haven`t found a solvent that`ll desolve set poly..
    [SIZE="1"] associated with several importers and manufacturers.[/SIZE]

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    This may be bad advice, but here goes.
    Glue up similar wood with GG. Then experiment to unglue it. At least that way you won't be learning on the boss's bed. Perhaps you can explain to the fellow what you have to do to do the repair safely, and he'll compensate you for your additional time.
    FWIW anyway.
    PS when you figure it out, tell us.

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    According to the tech folks at Elmer's, nothing will touch it except steel. Impervious to solvents. Ya gotta scrape. Sorry.

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    You guys have such a Positive Attitude on this....

    I'm positive too, I was just hoping for some miracle solution.

    Seems this fellow had taken it to another WWer and had gotten results both with the dog eaten clock and the bed, after I fixed the clock I guess he thinks I can cure cancer, I will too if I pull this off

    I'll keep you abreast of the out come, But I am off to the new (used) houseboat we just bought. Gotta go check it out.

    Thanks for the insight...

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