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Thread: Fir Burl Bowl "Final"

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    Fir Burl Bowl "Final"

    I picked up this Fir Burl from my local wood pusher. It was 22" at it widest and 20" at the narrowest. The lathe did wiggle a bit as a started roughing the outside. Unfortunately, the center is really bad off and the bark inclusions go pretty deep, so I'm going to lose some height and diameter. Hopefully, I can get a couple cores out of it.
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    Cool Looking forward to seeing what you can get out of it.
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    Very interesting, I would have never thought of turning Fir, but I guess a burl is a burl
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    what is that black pipe setup you show? a vacumn valve???
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    Larry, yep, that's part of the vacuum system.

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    I wonder if you could soak it in ?? to stabilize the bark as part of a show bowl. Fir bark is relatively dense so it seems vaguely feasible.

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    I tried to say Fir Burl three times fast...have to go to the doctor now
    Looks like a sweet score!
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    All right Jim now ya got me tring to say that.Fir Burl-Fir burl-Fir burl. Nate that's gonna be one sweet bowl when ya get it done. Looking foward to it.

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    Going to be a beauty Nate. Can't wait to see it finished.
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    Had to take a bit of a break form turning to but the Minister of Finance green house together. Then back to the lathe. This is, without a doubt, the worst piece of wood I've ever turned and I've turned some pretty bad wood. Most of the top part of the bowl was completely shot. It's not pithy like maple or walnut, but stringy. The wood is really wet and the burl eyes come out in chunks. I've tried every trick I know. Stabilizing with CA, light cuts, heavy cuts, using my scraper. The bark inclusions went far deeper than I had guessed so had to change the design a bit. Book of Raffan, Chapter 3, page 47, I've gotten it to a rough shape I want and now I'm just going to let it dry and see what I can finish. The only wood that is left is burl wood, so hopefully, as it dries, it wont badly. To get it round and try to get out of the worst wood, I've reduced the diameter to 17". There is a ruined part of the edge, guess it will be a rustic refined look. I will probably never turn fir burl again!
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