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Thread: Maple bowl

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    Maple bowl

    This is a 12" shallow bowl, about 4" tall, from some wood that I think is birdseye maple. I know it's silver maple, but I'm guessing that the figure in it is what is called birdseye. Walnut oil finish. This is also my first DNA processed wood. Cut green in Feb, roughed at the same time, DNA'd for a couple days, and finished turned today.
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    Nice bowl Curt. I really like maple, and it looks like birdseye to me.

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    Yeppers, that's birdseye if ever there was. Nice looking bowl, Curt. What did you think of the DNA method?
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    OK, this may just be me, but I really like the two dark spots on the rim.

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    Nice job Curt. Isn't DNA the cats mell when it comes to turning. I have three bowls waiting now that when I rough turned I was all wet and two week later they are ready with no cracks.

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