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Thread: Native American-style Baskets – Turned on the Lathe

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    Native American-style Baskets – Turned on the Lathe

    Anyone ever do this?

    Anyone ever seen this done?

    Could you do this?
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    Jim Adkins is the undisputed master of this technique. I know him casually through the Internet...Jim Burr (one of our members) is a pretty good buddy of his. Hopefully he can chime in with more insight about the process. (Or talk Jim Adkins into joining us here and explaining it himself. He's a very nice and humble guy.)
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    Lady from Prescott, AZ does a very credible job herself. Saw her demo. Fascinating. But if course her name is floating out there somewhere....

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    Those are incredible. What attention to detail that must require.
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    He did a nice tutorial over at SMC:
    Seeing it in person would be useful for getting the details right (for example I didn't completely understand what he does with the rim).

    I'm unconvinced my hand is steady enough for getting it all lined up as nicely as he does.

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    Wow, those have just a bit of detail don't they.

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    Holy Cow! those are amazing ...I would never have the paitence to do something like that.
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    Yep imo jim Adkins is the master, not to say the lady that Carol knows ain't as good. just that i've seen a bunch of his work and it can't get any better than that. Now like Vaughn said Jim burr has done at least one that i have seen and it was great also, so maybe he'll show a pic here of it and explain how Jim taught him.

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    That would be a lifetime project & then I would screw it up at the very end. Actually, I could never get out of the starting box. Incredible patience, incredible detail, incredible talent! Absolutely incredible!
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    One of the cool things about Jim Adkin's work is that he researches and uses authentic Native American designs. What looks to us like a cool "Southwest" pattern is actually a design from 100+ years ago with ancient symbols and a story behind it.
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    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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