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Thread: Hello, folks!

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    Hello, folks!

    I've been lurking here for a while and thought I should introduce myself and start participating. I bought a lathe many years ago - a harbor freight special. It has been neglected in the garage for a few years but I recently decided to get it out and clean it up and play with it some more. Turns out that just made me want to get a 'real' lathe. I am currently exploring my options. So... I just wanted to say hello and thank y'all for sharing your knowledge.

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    Welcome to the Family, David!

    I'm mostly a flatlander, but there are plenty of spinny types here who are willing to help.
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    Welcome aboard.

    There are certainly a lot of great options out there

    Beware the lathe is just the beginning, then come chucks and more chisels and specialty tools and ... ... .. so on.

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    Hello, folks!

    Welcome aboard! As you've discovered, the best thing about a cheap lathe is that it motivates you to want a better one. Fire away with any questions you might have. If we don't know the answer, we'll at least make up something believable.

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    Hi David and welcome

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    Welcome David. Glad you found us and looking forward to seeing your work.

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    Welcome to the family David!

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    have fun here David! You will find all kinds of people and they all have different interest and ability levels -- some like pens some like and are very skill at top flight furniture -- the best I can do is a simple bowl --- Ask anything and I am sure you will get an answer hopefully a correct answer

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    Welcome Dave. Lots of good woodworkers in here. I've learned alot here and continue to learn. Let us know where your from.
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    Welcome Dave !!!!!!!!!!!!
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