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Thread: Table saw and lathe up for swap/sell - BONUS!

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    Table saw and lathe up for swap/sell - BONUS!

    Hard decisions, but...

    I have a 3HP Grizzly cabinet saw, right tilt, with a Biesmeyer fence, outfeed table, and few other goodies. It is 220V. Too costly to accommodate 220V in the shop trailer, so a downsize. I am up for a swap, smaller cabinet saw or hybrid - no contractor's saws. Valuing at $800.

    FORGOT TO MENTION! SLIDING TABLE INCLUDED. Obviously I need to get my shop functional. I am forgetting what I have!

    Also, I have a Jet 1642 EVS 2HP 220V lathe. Same story. Factory accessories included. Swap for a variable speed, reversible 110V lathe, not too small. VERY low mileage. Less than 50 hours. Valuing at $1750.

    Transportation: I am in southern Nevada. I am open to meeting in most of AZ, Southern California, and SW Utah with tools in tow. Even near Reno in June.

    Many variables here. If you are even remotely interested, lets talk. PM with phone number.

    I am motivated but not in a panic. Innovation and creativity welcomed.

    Questions answered here, most of them honestly.

    Sorry about no pictures, these tools are packed away, but the manufacturers have lovely pictures.

    Also looking for a 20-24" enclosed trailer ~10K GAWR, ramp door, side door, decent manufacturer, very good condition. Need that delivered, if possible. Cash deal. Owners only.
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    I am just giving this post a bump since i missed it and hey others might have and good tools from family members should not be overlooked.

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