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Thread: Sliding table for table saw

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    Sliding table for table saw

    Please share your thioughts/experience on the pros/cons of having a sliding table attached to your table saw. I am considering adding one but am not yet convinced of how/why it is better than a good crosssut sled. Thanks for your input.

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    I have the jessum master slide that replaced a crosscut sled. For me it was the best thing I ever did.
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    I no longer need to find a place to store it and I actually gained in cross cut capacity. The other advantage is I don't have to worry about it tipping off the saw because of the size of my piece I want to cut. Then there's the built in scale and flip stops for up to 48".

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    I built a cross-cut sled. It was a pain to store, and put on and off the saw. Then I got a Mule 36" sliding table for the little contractor saw - much faster work. Then I saw this 48" slider in '94. Bought it and a used saw that it was made for. The difference? Most of my telescope or cabinet projects take 1/3 the time to build as they did without a slider. I can't recommend a sliding table enough…

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    I have the excalibur sliding table attachment. Have had it for several years and in most instances it has replaced my chop saw. I do all my face frame cuts with it as well as my plywood cross cuts. Its been indispensible and well worth the investment!!
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