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Thread: Reproduction Finials

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    Reproduction Finials

    I get a lot of miscellaneous reproduction/duplication jobs, and this one was one that was "short and sweet", yet interesting. A furniture refinisher contacted me about an ornate antique bed frame that had some finials lost in a move. I wish I had some photos of the bed, cuz it's a really intense design. Anywho, these were the parts that needed replacing.

    Sidenote: For as much as I love making one of a kind woodturned sculptures, there is something very satisfying about spindle turning and duplication work. I somehow feel connected to the generations of woodturners that have come before me, especially given the rich woodworking history here in Grand Rapids, MI.

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    Nice work! Those are pretty cool, sort of past meets future.

    What part of the bed were the little pieces for?

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    Really nice job. Well done.
    Bernie W.

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    When you make something like that, or even larger things, what steps do you take to prevent cracking in the future?

    The shape of each object pretty well tells where it goes on the bed. Your work is interesting. I like seeing what you do.

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    That sucks to have to pull that out of a hat. On the otherside of the really pulled that stuff off Hutch! Well done and a big High 5!
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    Great work, Hutch.

    As a side note, when I saw the thread title, I thought it said Reproduction Finals. I was thinking to myself "Man, some people get to take all the fun tests at school."
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    Thanks all!

    Ryan - This highly embellished bed has a huge headboard and footboard. The larger finials sat atop the corner posts, and the others were various decorations along the top of the headboard.

    Vaughn - HAHA!

    - Hutch

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