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    Push Button

    Three number Combination Working Wooden Padlock.
    I made some of these a while back and had to make some more for grand kids.
    The first one is made from a solid block of hard maple with a pine shackle and buttons.
    The 2nd on has been dyed using black walnut stain.
    Finished with 4 coats of MINWAX Clear Gloss Polyurethane.

    The plans came from "Making Working Wooden Locks" book by Tim Detweiler.


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    Those are awesome!
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    Too cool. How fun.
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    Very nicely done. I have that book but have never gotten around to actually trying to make any of them (besides being somewhat intimidated by the process ).

    Have you tried any of the other designs? These look to be exceptionally nice implementations, I can see why you have to make more

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    Very nice, Les. How'd you turn the shackles?
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