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Thread: say hey from Milwaukee

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    say hey from Milwaukee

    hello. Great work on this site and a really cool community from what I can tell. I make wooden eyeglass frames and am interested in using more color in my work, which is how I found this site, specifically that Vaughan character with the rad avatar and his dyed sycamore. I have a ton of quarter-sawn sycamore and have been looking for info on how to dye it. Here's some examples of glasses from today, both Cherry, for the ladies.

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    Welcome to the Family Josh!

    Yeah Vaughn is a very colorful guy

    Nice work on the frames, are these stock items or are they all special order?

    Do you also make the matching arms to go with the frames?

    Very interesting, and again, welcome!
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    Welcome !!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome Josh from a hillbilly down here in TN.

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    Welcome from the other side of Lake Michigan interesting project those are, I like them

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    welcome to the group, vaughn is definitively a radical personality
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    Now those are something completely different. I like them. Well done Josh and welcome to the family.
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    Ron White Guest
    Welcome. I am sure you will enjoy your experience here.

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    thanks guys

    stuart - not sure yet. I make the arms, too. Each complete pair has 18 to 20 steps from start to finish.

    Tom - there are companies out there that make wooden glasses, but it seems theirs are more about the gimmick of using wood as a material for mass produced sunglasses rather than using the wood to make something beautiful. except for Herrlicht, but nobody can touch that guy, his work is unbelievable

    AND, if anybody can help me - i'm looking for a very specific bit for a rotary tool. i need to cut V shaped grooves inside the frames to fit the lenses in, right now i'm using a small scratch stock. I've tried hart burs like in the picture, meant for flush setting diamonds in rings, but they're meant for metal and clog up and burn the wood. I have to cut with the edge of the bit, similar to the posted video. Any suggestions? Also, sorry if it's too soon to start asking advice on here.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome Josh That is some cool stuff. I just seen the 3 brothers in Idaho go before Shark Tank last night. Looks like fun stuff to do
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