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Thread: Somerset NJ Woodworking show purchases . . .

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    Somerset NJ Woodworking show purchases . . .

    Hello Folks:

    It's been quite a while since I've posted here on FWW. Life has steered me in other directions for a while but I have a few little projects on the horizon.

    Anyway I picked up a Clearvue Mini CV06 at the show along with some plug cutters and some router bits.

    LOML had come along and we sat thru the Carter Bandsaw guides presentation together. Part one was setting up a bandsaw for resawing. Part two was using a rear guide setup that allows you to do tight circles and curves to make bandsaw boxes and such. LOML looks over at me and says - you really need two bandsaws for this.

    She's a keeper.

    I see you guys are planning a run up to Saratoga Springs NY - Somerset in only 30 minutes from home so it's a no brainer. They have changed the admission policy. In the past I remember you buy a full price ticket and a spouse get's in free? If you buy in advance it's $10 (a $2 savings but no spouse free).

    Good luck with you purchases.



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    glad to see all is good with you jim. Was wondering what happenned.

    I thought about the somerset show, but we enjoy the saratoga springs area so we make a couple of days out of it.
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