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Thread: tis the season

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    tis the season

    for adirondack chairs.
    time to punch out the lawn furniture so its dry and ready for springtime.

    these are spanish cedar, will use sikkens, but will add black dye to make the finished product darker than what I brought larry back last year.

    I ran out of lumber, so I had to use some scrap strips to make a small table. Would have preferred thicker table slats, but I wont purchase any more cedar unless someone pays me top dollar.(although working with it is such a pleasure, and the garage always smells nice)

    once again Ill mention, anyone wants these plans, pm me your email and Ill shoot the plans and the article over to you via email.
    They are easy to make, and use approx 18 bf of wood. very comfortable.(I can sit in them for hours )
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    You had me with the tile. Thought it was christmas time again! They look great and Norma says it's just what we need.

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