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Thread: Sofa Table is complete

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    Sofa Table is complete

    The sofa table is complete and will be delivered to the daughter's place tonight. Two end tables and one sofa table done. One coffee table and a square end table to go.

    Walnut frame and drawer fronts, walnut plywood for the back/side panels, walnut burl veneer for the tops and beveled glass, poplar drawer boxes. Push to open drawer slides for a clean drawer front look.

    Finish: one coat 1:1 Danish oil/Mineral spirits, six coats 1:1:1 danish oil/gloss poly/mineral spirits
    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's a beauty Robert. Pretty wood, tight joinery, great finish...good job!

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    Beautiful job!
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    Nice piece. That is some funky cool burl wood, pretty cool stuff kind of changes the whole tone of the piece. Business on the sides, party on top.

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    Clean lines, great color. Sure to be a treasured family collection.
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    Beautiful work, Robert!
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    Super craftsmanship Robert. I'm sure your daughter will love it.

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    beautiful --- well done
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    Very nice, Robert. Like Glenn said, that's going to be a great collection.
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    Great job
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