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Thread: Colonel George Dart

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    Colonel George Dart

    I'm not sure whether he is/was ever a member here, but I know that many of us have known 'The Colonel" George Dart over the years, and have likely enjoyed both his woodworking and his punster's sense of humor.

    George has had an ongoing battle with Gout, Diabetes, a heart condition, and who knows what else, for the past several years. A few weeks ago, he underwent amputation of his righ leg, and has been in hospital ever since.

    Earlier today, I got the following email from his son:

    Friends and family, I thought it appropriate to let you know, unless you have already heard, that Dad has opted to call his final time out. Dad is coming home to 632 Washington tonight on hospice care. We're proud of him for making the courageous decision to give up the pain and suffering of dialysis, PT and all of the poking and prodding that has robbed him of his dignity for the last few months.

    I pirated this email distribution list from his account. If you are finding out for the first time, I apologize it is not in a more dignified manner. If you'd like to reach me, please feel free to call me at 484 678 5603.

    Many blessings,
    Ed Dart (#2 son)

    Please keep Colonel George, and his family, in your thoughts and prayers.
    Jim D.
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    Thanks, Jim. I rarely look at WC anymore where George was standard fare. While I am not surprised, I am saddened that yet another America hero will go to his final reward. Not that he hasn't earned it, but that his example will be lost to so many. RIP, George May peace soon be yours.

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    only met him him once at five barns but he had a friendly attitude and we had a nice chat, he didnt know me and neither did i know him but after both introduction we both did
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