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Thread: DeWalt Lathe

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    DeWalt Lathe

    I have a lead on an old DeWalt lathe. 12" I think. Extends to 36". Comes attached to a table and seems to be in good condition. I can't seem to find any info on this machine and I know NOTHING about lathes. I know it runs. The person selling it has know idea what to ask so i would need to come up with an offer.

    Any advice on this? Is this a good machine? What would you offer?

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    Does it look like this?

    You wouldn't happen to have a picture of it, would you?

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    That's it, Joe.

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    Recently, one, missing a few parts and with no stand, got no takers on ebay at $100. Another, complete and with stand, had a reserve higher than $102, from an inexperienced seller. It also didn't sell.

    Seems like $100 is fair to both parties. seller gets it off his hands, and you'll have enough to cover your restoration costs...



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    I would say if no takers a $100 than the price was above the market price! Not at it. Thats standard Appraisal theory. When then don't sell they are priced to high.

    I don't know that lathe but it looks pretty light built to me. I would rather have a new (shudder) mini lathe with the cast iron beds myself. YMMV of course.
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