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Thread: Danish oil finishing

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    Danish oil finishing

    Hello all,

    I would like to try finishing with danish oil. While searching the net, I came across this step-by-step process. Does it look accurate to those who have used danish oil?
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    Close enough. Its about as fool proof of a finish as you can apply so its nice for those of us with low-no finishing facilities (and commensurate skills, speaking only for myself ).

    I tend to wipe off the first coats a smidge more aggressively than they suggest but its within the noise. It doesn't really build on the surface to speak of so its not good for anything that will see a lot of wear (nor will it hold a super high gloss, some wax on top can make up for some of this). For higher wear items I use mostly use wiping varnish which I apply in about the same way.

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    I agree. I've never used the Watco product, but the application is about the same. I make my own with 1/3 each: BLO, varnish, MS.

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