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Thread: Will Florida ever be the same?

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    Will Florida ever be the same?

    Let's hope Florida can recover ------- Larry and Tom are visiting the Florida Space Coast.

    Had a nice visit today with them and their Wife's.

    Pictures will follow but National Inquire has first rights to all evidence.

    Gave them a demo of what a laser can do. Larry is churning over many possible laser ideas in his mind.

    Little do the fish up around the Cape know what is in store for them tomorrow.

    I forget what they were looking for but I heard them mumbling something about "Great Whites!!!"

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    Laser Work

    It's official Larry andd Tom are Laser Engravers.

    With some coaching and only one small fire they engraved their own round ( Florida Version).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like good times
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    well folks pete has more history than most books i have read. and his talents are as plentiful as his hair on his head for his age.. we had a very enjoyable time there and many interesting stories.. thanks for the great hospitality pete. will hope to see you again soon
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    Again this forum has pulled out the best thanks Pete and Karen for you hospitality, totally enjoyed our visit. Thanks for the laser engraving 101 Pete, such a cool process and thanks for the round-to-it, it will proudly hang with my others

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    Another surprise visit! Where will you two travelers end up next!
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    Looks like a great time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    ...and his talents are as plentiful as his hair on his head for his age...
    What do you mean for his age? The guy's only 47 years old.

    Glad to see you all got to meet up. Pete's on my list of "want to meet" people for sure. If I ever get down his way I'll definitely try to make that happen.

    Poor fishies...they won't know what hit 'em.
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    Good to see the doors are open in Fla to you guys.

    Yes Fla will be the same. It was after I was there so .... :-}
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    Man these Michiganders sure get around. And they were quick to get out of town and dodge the weather.

    See what Miami Herald had to say about these Yankee travelers

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh anyone for wood i got a trailer going to Michigan and i think i get a dog thrown in for free. Now i dont know if I can fit that sander in as well but sure will try.

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