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Thread: Something on Edges of Plywood Lathe Bolw Steady

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    Something on Edges of Plywood Lathe Bolw Steady

    I am working on a lathe bowl steady made in plywood. I want to do something to sort of protect the edges which could get beat,banged and dinged....Any suggestions...good hard finish? Some thing to go around the outside edge of the round plywood rings and maybe inside the rings also??? Or just let it be as it is? I sometimes try to over build things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Turner View Post
    ...I sometimes try to over build things
    I think this might be one of those times. Seriously, all I did on the plywood bowl steady I made several years ago was sand the edges a bit to knock off any sharp corners and give the whole thing a few coats of PolyCrylic. (Pretty much any finish would do.) In the year or two that I used that steady before I sold the lathe, it never got noticeably beat up or dinged. Plus, if it did get a little dented up, it wouldn't affect the performance a bit. I do understand the desire to have nice-looking tools and jigs in the shop, but I expect all of mine to eventually show they've been used a bit, too.
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    Yep I agree !!! he-he-he Thanks !!!

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