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Thread: My Shop (Ok, it is really heaven)

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    My Shop (Ok, it is really heaven)

    I thought I would post some pictures of my shop. Built it in the summer of 2009 but did not finish it until 2011. Up until that point it was filling up with "stuff". Finally decided that the stuff has to go and I was going to finish my dream shop. It is a stand alone building. The shop space itself is 20'x30' but the building is 32'x30 overall. There is a 12' overhang that my boat sits underneath that really cannot be counted although I have toyed with the idea of enclosing it and kicking the boat out.
    The shop is wired for 220 and has 10' ceilings. I learned many years ago that an 8' ceiling in a woodworking shop does not work well. Swing that 8 foot board or piece of plywood around and there goes a chunk out of the ceiling. I finished the bottom 40" of the shop off with knotty hickory. It gives it a nice finished look plus protects the walls from holes (dropped pipe clamps or rolling a machine up against it). The floor is concrete with an epoxy finish. Wood stove for heat in the winter and window air conditioner for cooling in the summer.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh yeah, that'll do nicely!
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    That's a shop to dream of
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    Very nice
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    Good looking shop Neil also in a nice setting. so what are you making in there?

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    well thought out Neil, so now you need to show us some pics of your work
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    Very nice...I can see why you call it heaven! Thanks for sharing.
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    Oh yeah, That is heavenly! Nice Shop!
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    Space, the final frontier. Wish I had more of that! Nicely done.
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