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Thread: New Stuff Ordered

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    We now divide our time between southwest Florida and southwest Vermont.

    New Stuff Ordered

    It looks like the TS3650 is sold. After five years of testing myself, I guess I'll stay with this woodworking hobby; today I ordered a 3hp SawStop Pro Cabinet saw, a Jet JJP12HH combo, and a Festool TS55. Delivery as soon as we get settled in VT in late April. A friend up there may be interested in my Ridgid 6" jointer and DeWalt planer; if not, I'll post them here and on Craigslist.

    Now I need to tinker with the shop layout, add a couple of 220v receptacles, set up the new machines, re-route the dust collection hoses (maybe put in some PVC runs to neaten things up a bit) and finish the two end tables I started last fall. Come June, I hope to get into some serious stuff, so that I can justify today's foolishness.

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    Now that's a committment! Congrats on the tools. You have great taste in tools, imho.
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    Congrats! Those will all be great additions to the shop.
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    yup your hooked tony, now you need to post some pics of your shop in vermont
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