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Thread: Bayleigh Industrial -- "new" kid on the block?

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    Bayleigh Industrial -- "new" kid on the block?

    Hey folks,

    On another woodworking newsletter I read about a "new" vendor of woodworking tools: Bayleigh Industrial

    I'd never heard of them before so I did a bit of browsing on their website:
    - They've been around since 1999 selling metalworking
    - They started selling woodworking tools in December
    - They've gone in with a bang; they have a huge assortment of tools. Huge.
    - Most of the lower end stuff has a "made in taiwan" notation on the website
    - The higher-end stuff (sliding TS, etc) that I looked at did not list country of origin
    - I'm not a metalworker at all, so I have no idea how highly regarded they might be in that field.

    They don't seem to have a Canadian distributor that I saw, but they seem willing to ship outside the lower 48 if you contact them.
    And for my US friends I note that they've got a "free shipping" deal on right now.

    Anyone heard of them? Know about them?
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    It will be nice to have another importer to add to our choices for those sort of items. I haven't really been dazzled yet but, haven't seen them first hand either. The ES-6100 oscillating edge sander looks like a good alternative to the Jet OES-80CS that I have. Same power, similar price point, a bit more belt area and a better dust collection solution as the oscillating mechanism is at the motor end. On mine you have to swing the DC hood out of the way and add the table for drum sanding.
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