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Thread: Redwood Hollow Form

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    Redwood Hollow Form

    This is the first time I've tried this shape for a vessel.....I can say that as I don't have a lot of experience under my belt . When I bought my lathe, three of these blocks of Redwood came along with it. Beautiful wood to turn, dusty as it is REALLY dry having been in the southwest for a while. Hollowed to about 1/4 with Ellsworth style hollowing tools, no I don't ride my lathe, 9x6 with a coat or two of AO. It's going to take a few more as the wood soaks up the finish as soon as I get it on. Comments and criticism appreciated.
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    Ok.... I'm not a spinner. What does HF mean? Every time I see one of your threads, I think you're buying really weird things from Harbor Freight.

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    Good point David, I adjusted the title. HF, for some woodturners is "Hollow Form" although, depending on context could mean Harbor Freight

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    Great looking HF Nate.

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    That one has "Sweet!" All over it Nate! I've done a lot of redwood since we are in the middle of it and you are right on about the dust! It's also a pain to sand and finish and...
    Beautiful grain and form is one of my favorites...really looks cool! Maybe a little flat about 1/3 up from the base, but it's Zinfandel Saturday!! I have some good platter stock if you're interested. Overall...big high 5!!
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    Very nice Nate. The grain in that is beautiful. Nice looking form.
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    well done nate,, and no matter what letters you use its sharp
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    I think you nailed it. I have no idea how you can turn that little hole so thin without tearing it out in some way. Great job!
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    It's a beauty Nate.

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    Sweet piece of wood, and I really like the overall form, Nate. Critique-wise, about the only thing I can offer is that I personally prefer a lip of some sort at the mouth of the vessel, just to help define it. But like I said, that's simply a personal preference, and not something written in the Hollow Form Book of Rules*.

    * It's a very thin book. There's only one rule: The inside diameter must not exceed the outside diameter.
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