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Thread: Laminate adhesive

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    Laminate adhesive

    Hello I've been working on a sewing cabinet. I plan to install a plastic laminate top.
    For practice before I do the real top I'm using the cut offs to make a router top to fit my table saw.
    I bought Wilsonart 700A spray adhesive. As I was spraying it on it seemed to pulsate. It appeared to spray steadily at that rate. I was afraid I was leaving unsprayed areas so I sprayed the surface over 3-4 times.

    Has anybody used this spray? Was once acrossed enough? How do I know how much is enough if once isn't?


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    One coat on each surface should be plenty as long as you are not moving too fast during application. Adhesives do not go on smooth with a 100% coverage out of a spray applicator. That's what I use and I just make sure to have covered every area once.
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    I had the same problem when I used spray adhesive. I could not tell how much I was putting on. After I was finished I came up with the idea of spraying a small piece of scrap with one light coat to see how it stuck.

    turned out I used way more spray adhesive than was needed. You probably did also. I have since learned that too much actually makes a weaker bond but my laminate top is still secure so I don't think i did any harm with the amount I used.

    I think 2 light passes is best in perpendicular directions. A little goes a long way but no dry spots. it is hard to tell.

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    I've used spray, 3M 1077 (I think that is the number) for fabrics, but never for plastic laminate. I always use the Weldwood Original for the laminate, with a 1" short nap roller, 2 coats on each surface. Haven't had an issue yet with surfaces ranging from 27 X 48 (TS extension), two each of 8 X 120 and 13 X 120 (multifunction wall cabinet infeed and outfeed surfaces), 36 X 54 (the Router Table) and the largest 42 X 64 (my assembly table). It's all I'll trust for plastic laminate. Jim.
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    Thanks for the info. It's been a couple of days I have yet to trim it. Next surface I'll try the X Y spray direction

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