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Thread: Good Old Duplication

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    Good Old Duplication

    My business has been growing, and I have be fortunate to be able to move into a new shop space. This last week I had my first walk-in customer. He came into my office, and presented me with a turned foot from a piece of furniture which needed duplicated. I do a lot of duplication work, and this one was a lot of fun, cuz the square section is smaller than the round "bun" foot.

    - Hutch
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    Re: Good Old Duplication

    Looks great Hutch!

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    Thats a neat trick. I assume it's a glue up of some sort?

    Good to have business!
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    That looks great. Do you think you could do a duplicate brain for me? I could sure use one.

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    I'd like you to duplicate your lathe for me . Nicely done, Matt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Thats a neat trick. I assume it's a glue up of some sort?

    Good to have business!
    Definitely looks like a glue up. I'm not into the spinney world, but if you wanted to do it with one solid piece, couldn't you start with a piece the same size as the largest part in the picture, then cut down to the finished small square section, round off the part that is for the foot, and then turn it? I'm sure it would have to be dried thoroughly and may be prone to cracking in that process, but it could be done? Time wise wouldn't be very efficient though.
    Good job Matt! Now starts the word of mouth process from that first walk in to add to your previous customers! Jim.
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    Well done Hutch.
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    Nicely done, Hutch.

    Jim, you're correct in thinking it could be done with a single solid piece of wood that's been trimmed down, but one advantage to doing the glue-up (aside from time likely saved) is that it reduces the amount of exposed end grain. That makes it easier to get a good clean-cut surface.
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    Excellent duplication, Matt!
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    Well done
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