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Thread: Ash croch, winged bowl

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    Ash croch, winged bowl

    I've been doing a lot of ruff turning the last week. Had some large maple given to me, and i've been trying to get to them before they go bad. Well today i got tired of not being able to finish anything as there all to wet. I had this ash crotch sitting on the floor just whating for the day to do something with it. Been sitting there for at least a year or longer. So i put it on the lathe,not knowing what i was gonna do with it. Did think of Jim B, and almost took a bunch of pics, but as i started it started looking good. Didn't know it was spalted as it still had the bark on it. Well this is what it became. Did this from a half log croch in about 2 hrs. Not counting hand sanding.16x 14x 2. Two coats teak oil so far, but will add some more tomorrow.
    SteveClick image for larger version. 

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    Oh yeah! That's sweet, Steve.
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    very nice
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    Beauty Steve!
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    Big sucka!! Looks like fun and the bead work is sweet!
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    i can see why you finished it so fast, it keep drawing you in as each cut showed more of what inside it.. nice work steve..
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    Love it. Really nice job!
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    I like the winged effect and the wood.... haven't tried a winged bowl yet... gonna have to try one soon.

    'course knowing my luck, I'll lose at least one knuckle doing one of those...

    Good job.
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    Very pretty wood and you have done a great job of turning it.
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