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Thread: Update on flooring problem.....

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    Update on flooring problem.....

    A few days ago I posted regarding problems I was having installing some Brazilian redwood flooring I had purchased.

    After becoming completely frustrated I sent an email to Lumber Liquidators stating the frustration I had and requesting that they consider allowing me to return the material that I had not used. I realized that I had been told that I could not return the material due to a small discount I had been given.

    Lumber Liquidators called me back and told me to return everything that I had purchased and that they would be glad to exchanged every thing for different type of wood. I told them that there was a significant amount of material that had been drilled, nailed or broken. I also didn't think I had all of the original boxes. "No problem at all" I was told, "Bring it back and we will take care of it."

    I returned all of it yesterday and exchanged it for 3/4" American Cherry. While the new floor may be somewhat soft and prone to dinging and gouges, my wife is thrilled with the new wood and I am pleased that I will be able to install it without the tribulations I had before. I am waiting for everything to acclimate and will begin installation next week.

    Lumber Liquidators certainly earned my business in the future.


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    That is a great follow-up. Hope the new installation goes well.

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    I used lumber liquidators also for my floor in my office. I love it. I was going to use laminate flooring at first, but returned it and got solid 3/4" purple heart, it was special order, but I love it. Worked out very well in my office.

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    Thanks. I am sure the cherry flooring will install very easily compared to the Brazilian redwood. I was amazed at the difference in the weight of the boxes.


    That office looks very nice. Congratulations.


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    I am glad that worked out for you.

    We use lumber liquidators also. (in the other business)

    Great company.


    That is one darn nice office.

    When you get a chance could you straighten that 4 outlet box

    next to the door. Thanks.


    I 'm sorry, it is a pet peeve and I am a son of a gun. (translated for family f.)

    I will call our electrician back for just one of those.

    One more lil story...That bar... the kid torqued the brass plates down so hard

    with a gun no less that they distorted. Right in front of me and his boss.

    I lost it... and I can and do lose it....


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    Per, God is in the details, the attention to details often separates the craftsmen from the also rans.

    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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    Funny, builders that are very particular notice things like out of level/plumb things right away. I noticed that quad electrical outlet in Alan's office too, before I read Per Swenson's post. I too have had discussions with my electrician about this issue. In fact, I gave him and his crew small levels to carry around when doing the finish on my jobs so they could get the plates straight. Electricians don't have a good eye for level and plumb.

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