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Thread: It's FRIDAY!

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    It's FRIDAY!

    Beating Darren to the punch here, but I actually get to take this one off - I think. At least nothing is planned except for dinner out tonight with a friend. We are going to a small Italian place with pretty good food, for this town, anyway.

    Going to dig through my trailers to try to find the router for Al and a few other things I need to begin the electrical installation in the new shop trailer. Tomorrow and Sunday are work days for me. The last two weeks have been a crunch. Seven surgeries in 11 days for members of my church. That is a lot of extra time in my schedule and I am way behind, but I need a play day and today is it!

    What are you all up to?

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    Lol I am doing the same as you Carol. Winter is giving us its last gasps at freezing us again but it aint gonna stop me today. I have promised Linda for 7 months i would fix a temp cupboard up for her and its gonna happen today even if the world collapses.

    I spent last weekend battling computers so i aint going near a keyboard this weekend for sure. Soon as i have done catching up on the forum i am off to the shop will fire up whatever i can to make heat gonna get my hands on some tools come what may.

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    Finishing up the shop rewire project. As always ran short of a few things and had to make a trip to the big city this morn.
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    Taking it easy today (Friday), for the most part. Caught up on some yard maintenance yesterday and the old bod is telling me about it!

    Saturday, I plan to complete the assembly of a utility table I'm building to use at my grill and smoker.

    Sunday? What else? It's NASCAR season, so.....
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    Need to finish up routing the the range hood vent to the outdoors. I've got all the parts I need.

    Then time to finish up the entertainment center doors and molding.
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    Working in the shop. Supposed to be almost 60 this afternoon. So I want to take a ride. It's about 120 mile round trip to see mom and dad @ my sisters. Mom is heading down hill fast. The other day she didn't know who dad was. So I need to see her as much as possible now.
    Tomorrow we have our yearly Maryland Bow Hunter banquet. Sunday church and back to painting the pelicans.
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    Having my taxes figured tonight, tomorrow make door trim for 4 doorways (in a 3 1/2 foot square entryway) from qswo and stain them, Sunday poly them with some relaxation in there somewhere

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    its a birthday weekend here. My daughters birthday is monday, and Im on weds, so all the friends and family are coming over to eat like theres no tomorrow, the menu grows by the minute.
    gonna try to finish the new small assembly/outfeed table for the garage later today and tomorrow late morning, my son is coming over to move all the electrical stuff and install new remote switches and lighting fixtures in the attic bedroom so I can get started when I get back from canada and start ripping carpet and wallpaper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Niemi View Post
    (in a 3 1/2 foot square entryway)
    I met you tom, and although youre not a tall person, I didnt think you were that short!
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    It's pinewood derby season in our household... I helped build FOUR cars last weekend. They've been painting this week, and on the weekend we'll be putting on finishing touches.

    ps: FYI add the weights AFTER you paint. I'm going to be doing some dremel surgery tomorrow. Looks like painting added around 6 grams to a couple of the cars. I would never have thought that!!!
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