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Thread: My DIY Lumber Hauler

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    My DIY Lumber Hauler

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    Cool! Very well done.

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    Very clever! I'm sure the kids get a kick out of it too!
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    Nice solution Alan!

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    Very cool. Even mows a path between the wood stash and the shop.
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    I can envision the line of kids every time you fire it up. When I would get out my motorscooter, that is what would happen to me---instant crowd waiting for their turn for a ride.

    Enjoy it,
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    Alan's thread made me really want a logosol saw mill. The wood cart video prompted the logosil demo video which I watched next.

    your video was very well done Alan Is the center support (the 2by4) that connects the rear and the front removable to make for easier storage?

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    Cool idea Alan i like the adjustable aspect. Quiet a few years ago i made a similar hauler but for manual hauling of drywall. My bed was fixed and i built an angled frame up 4ft high to rest the drywall on that i had to move from back of the house to my shop. I had to chuckle when i saw you going through the window to pass your wood to your shop. You lucky to have access this way. I got luckier back in my day of the same experience when i planned on building a canoe in the basement and with way houses are packed on top of each other where i was at the time, there was no way to get out the basement, SO missus who spotted the problem said well you just gonna have to build a shop outside for yourself. That was all i needed as motivation to do it. Sadly i aint on that property anylonger but your post took me back to the cart i built which i still have for hauling long stuff. I like your improvments though.

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    How fun. I love it.
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