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Thread: Woodworkers Journal Magazine......any good?

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    Woodworkers Journal Magazine......any good?

    I recieved an offer in the mail the other day for this magazine for just $8.00 a year. I've not read this one before. Is it any good?
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    That is certainly a good price. The problems I have with any of them is it seems the start repeating themselves after a couple years and you keep getting these notices that you subscription is about to run out do you want to renew, starting after you have subscribes for a month. Okay I exaggerate maybe a little. In my opinion that mag is as good as any of them.
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    I wasn't impressed with a sample issue of Woodworker's Journal, so I've never subscribed to it. I've had a subscription to Wood Magazine forever. I also take Woodsmith and Shop Notes. Like Paul said, some information seems to repeat from time to time, but overall I get good information from the magazines I take.
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    I received WJ for a while and enjoyed it. I also had popular wood working and it was good also.

    All of the issues of fine wood working and wood I have are back issues spanning over years. I bought them used. They all kinda repeat though I think FWW hides it best

    so buy back issues and save a bunch. I bought like 70 or more back issues of fine wood working from the late 90's to early 2000's. (this was about 4 years ago) It was great reading.
    Unless you want to read about the newest tool reviews I do not think there is much new information about wood working. Thats just my opinion of course. I mean maybe a new glue comes a long or something but I don't think there are any many new types of trees growing and I doubt there are any new joints. How many different shop tips could there be and if you are looking at a shop tour in a mag do you really care if its from 8 years ago if you have never seen it before. Stuff about furniture from the 80's is obviously very dated but early 2000's is still up to date.

    this idea only works if you use ebay. I just kept looking for used wood working mags on ebay until I found large lots of them. it was a lot of fun reading and I payed like $1 an issue for the FWW which was quite a savings.

    Of course there is always the thrill of getting your new magazine in the mail. my subs to popular wood working and wood workers journal were fun to get

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    I also just remembered I think that offer is for bi monthly or quarterly.

    I know they had it like that at one time.

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