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Thread: It's Friday! Friday! Friday! - 3/22/2013 Edition

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    It's Friday! Friday! Friday! - 3/22/2013 Edition

    Looks like we have another 5" to 10" of snow predicted to start tonight. Already moved the tractor from the back of the shop to the front, just need to put the chains back on. Hoping to put in some shop time and finish cutting out drawer fronts after doing some digging out.

    I need to get my shop reference manual updated and also work on my inventory database some more.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Badly needed trip to the chiropractor this morning and then a pricey trip to Camping World. Getting 2 roof vents for the shop trailer and a baggage door for the electrical cord entrance/storage. The rest of the day will be spent meditating. Need to do that for balance. Live has been out of balance this month. Saturday is Sunday preparation day. Maybe sneak some painting time in on the trailer and find out when a friend can help with installing the vents on the roof. Sunday includes worship services, home communion visits and confirmation class. And next week is Holy week! Maybe I can come for air the week after, but that is surgery week for my right eye.

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    Need to disconnect the swamp cooler plumbing that I hooked up last weekend, because there's a possibility of freezing temps here this weekend and early next week.

    Have a surprise birthday party for a friend Saturday, but other than that, nothing remarkable planned at this point. Probably just home chores and getting caught up on various paperwork piles.
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    Not only is it Friday, but this is the start of my SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!

    So, what is on the agenda?? Dare I say it?????? Starting, now don't get in a tizzy, but starting Lou's kitchen remodel. Shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone especially my wife!!!!! Tearing out the wall between the kitchen and dining room, well half of it, putting a bartop in to make it easier when all the kids come home, just put the meal on there as Lou doesn't carry stuff so well anymore. Buffet style don't 'cha know.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    on my way to saratoga springs tomorrow for the woodworking show.
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    Well, I finally received Carol's book in the mail after a 23 day wait. Now I can look forward to an enjoyable weekend reading the book & hopefully developing a router project list. now how good is that?
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    working this weekend :-/ wish I could go to the show!

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    I will be percolating on some shop reorganization. I have milked this space for all its worth under the current config and have to believe I can do better. The trigger for this is that whenever I have a project of some decent size in the works, things get crowded, and fast. This puts the piece in danger of dings and anytime you need to choreograph a routine to get between machines, you're asking for an accident.
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    Basketball tonight, Rock Chalk!! Shop time tomorrow morning then out to celebrate my BIL and my birthdays with some march madness, cold ones and then some live music. Sunday looks like I'll be moving snow. I don't remember the last time it snowed on my warming my foot!
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    Yahoo , wife is heading to Iowa. I can paint in the living room. Back in my corner all weekend.
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