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Thread: For Rob Keeble

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    For Rob Keeble

    First off I only wish i was 100th as good as The man that turned, carved, and colored this. His name is "Gordon Pembridge". I have never seen him post here, but i wanted to share this with Rob as i think he was depressed the other day and thought it might bring back some nice memorys of days past. Gordon calls this piece "African Dream". I hope i'm not breaking any rules by posting someone elses work here. Just thought to brighten up your day Rob. Click image for larger version. 

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    no rules against showing others work steve and this is awesome carving nd scrollwork plus turning
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    Wow that is a beautiful piece.
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    Re: For Rob Keeble

    Oh wow thanks Stephen I really feel at home here when I got people like you being so considerate. Appreciate the thought.

    Real nice piece of work both the image and the art.

    Oh and its not that i miss the place i came from, I just miss not being around to help my aging Dad.

    Due to Hollywood brainwashing at Dads hands at an early age I am like a duck that had the rockies and large conifers and clear prairies imprinted in me so I actually feel more at home here than on an African plain.
    But at the same time once you have witnessed sunrise and sunset over Africa and done it among the wildlife out of sight of any electrical plylons well thats a memory and experience you can never get enough of and stays with you for life.
    They real neat animals them long necks (thats what my son used to call them when he was a tot (kinda got it from the dino movies)
    Have the same number of bones in their neck as we humans. What can be real neat is to watch them regurgitating their food like a cow. You see this ball of food go down and short while later it gets shot all the way back up and looks like a baseball being sent through a leather sock if there was such a thing. Real fascinating.

    Thanks a ton Stephen for thinking of me. :thumbup::thumbup:

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    I believe any time and any place you honor someone it is appropriate. You never know when you might touch someone in a unique way. That is a spectacular piece. This is how I want to envision Africa when my wife leaves in August for a 10 day medical mission trip to Kitwe, Zambia. But when I use Google Satellite, I realize it's pretty rugged country.

    Rob: thanks for the visual on the regurgitating. Reminds me of the cats we used to have.

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