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Thread: What a meal!

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    Smile What a meal!

    Hatch green chili with pork in slow cooker.... over rice --

    I saved some for you!
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    Ain't no green chile better than Hatch green chile. I eat some nearly every day. Some days more than once.

    One of the things I like about living in NM is that not only do all the local burger joints offer a green chile cheeseburger, you can get green chile at some of the franchise food places like Subway. Or if you go to a salad bar place like Souper Salads, they have Ranch dressing, low-cal Ranch, or green chile Ranch.
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    Really sounds good on a day like today, started snowing around 7 pm. Walked back to the house from the shop and felt like mother nature was having a snow ball fight with me, were some big flakes coming down.

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