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Thread: These week's "What is it?"

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    These week's "What is it?"

    Hi Gang

    Another set of photos has been posted at What is it?

    This week's assortment looks well suited to us tool oriented people.

    There's one kitchen gadget that I've seen in use at an historical recreation. That claw hammer looks like it comes from the golden age of tool patents - last half of the 19th century.

    Go look for yourselves and let us know what you think. Enjoy!
    All the best,
    Ian G

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    Not sure about much of it. The claw hammer allows one handed starts of common nails. The buildings are a pre-fab fire training/live burn facility. That looks like $300-500,000 worth, depending on a number of variables.

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    I agree on the buildings, but think the hammer has progressive settings to pull out longer nails and still be able to keep the smooth part of the hammer on the work surface, and not have to use a scab board to raise the hammer up. Jim.

    ps: If you would like another one of these to add to the mix, look at my what can this be use for post on the Jig and Fixture forum.
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