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Thread: This might explain the fines in the filters!

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    This might explain the fines in the filters!

    Today my wife and I went to empty the dust bin on my cyclone today and found this.
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    This is the second time this has happened to me. I'm not sure what to do now as the Black flex was more heavy duty than the clear flex that I had on there.

    Anyone else ever have a problem like this? Any suggestions? I'm tempted to just by a 8" fernco coupling.
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    That is a bummer. I have never had a problem so I am no help to you except sympathy.

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    My clear Onedia 8" hose is 4 yrs old on the Gorilla DC , still functioning OK. I see Grizzly sells it in 3 ft lengths. Not easy to find 8" in short lengths.

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    I just replaced the Oneida hose I had for 6 years, with another one from Oneida (mine is 9"). But I had to replace it because I had shortened it over time, and now needed a longer piece (moved); not because it was damaged. What I saw in your pic almost looks like it might be dry rot (?). Regardless, get a piece of clear hose, it's probably more flexible than the black stuff and should last longer.

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    It might be beyond duct tape there.

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    For the 8" hose, check with a lawn/garden equipment supplier. My AgriFab leaf vac uses 8" hose, and my local dealer sells it by the foot - about $10.00 per foot, btw - but it's a very heavy duty, but still very flexible, hose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DeLaney View Post
    For the 8" hose, check with a lawn/garden equipment supplier.
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    Once you have a leak in that hose or in the final dust bin (lid), the cyclone flow is messed up, and the dust doesn't just drop like it is supposed to. So one small leak could have started you down the slippery slope. If things are working well, that hose doesn't have a lot of wear, other than suction equal to the total flow of the cyclone, so it shouldn't see a lot of wear after it is replaced.
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    Not real sure what would cause two failures. In pressure hoses they tend to fatigue a lot from excessive stretching and twisting. Mostly when the are pushed to the limit of their ability to flex.

    I got most of my dc stuff from, they sell a lot of different 8" hoses. They might be helpful to call and ask, never really tried but its a small company that sells dust collection hose and ducts.

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