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Thread: Titebond III that has thickened

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    Titebond III that has thickened

    I have a small bottle of Titebond III that has thickened over the winter. The glue has not been frozen (stored at house temperature), but is about the consistency of heavy syrup (I have no viscosity meter). My question is can the glue still be used as is and how do I thin out the glue.

    Thank you, DKT

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    i have used water in the past but have fond it wasnt worth the trouble, just pitch it and get another if it on something important if not hen add a touch of water and stir before using.
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    I agree with Larry, pitch it.
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    Larry and Jim have it right get rid of it and get new.
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    Piling on. I used to buy glue in big bottles, now I buy small and use it up. Fresher is better.
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    Pitch it and replace with TBII.
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    I don't know about TB II or TB III but I use a lot of TB Original (I). Years ago, when it was relatively new, one of the chemists who designed it responded on a forum that it could be thinned if necessary, and did not have a limited shelf life if stored carefully. It did not need to be discarded unless it had formed lumps. I don't remember the words he used, but the mental picture he painted in my demented mind involved a winter cold and kleenex.
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    I checked the Titebond web site and thinning with water (5% by volume) is okay, so I agree wiith Charlie Plsumes answer. Of course I don't like to fill our landfills any more than I have to, so I'm thinning it out. Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated.


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