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Thread: HF Pin nailer issue

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    HF Pin nailer issue

    So I went to use my HF pin nailer tonight and it sounded as if it was firing, but nothing was coming out. I check that I had pins loaded, did, so found an allen wrench and pulled the cover from the driver pin and found I had a jammed pin in it. Got the pin removed and did a few test fires and seemed to be working. A few pins later, jammed again. After some investigation I realized that the pins do have a chisel side to them, which I had inserted upside down. So just FYI for those of you that have the pin nailer, look closely at the pins when inserting them to make sure they are in the right way.

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    You mean they won't drive in backwards? I have the same problem with 16d nails.

    I feel your pain. Sometimes it's hard to tell which end is pointed on the 23 gauge pins.
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    hate to say it, but been there done that with the same pin nailer.

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    there are two ways to check for that darren, one put them in good light and you can see the wedge shape shine more than the tops or on most there is a black arrow printed on them telling you to put that end down.. ohh there is another way but not the best way.. put them in and run it till it jams up
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