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Thread: I want to share a story of Friendship.

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    I want to share a story of Friendship.

    About 4 months ago last time I saw my best friend in the world he looked at me strangely and pointed his finger at me as I was leaving and I was thinking to myself; what did I say? I am one for coming off with some off the cuff comments, I been asking the Lord to work this out because we having talked since then. It was really starting to bother me and 2 days ago I said Lord This needs to be worked out. I can not go on with this feeling that he is mad at me.
    Well yesterday he walked in the shop and we were talking and the 1st thing I asked him was , What were you or are you so upset about the last time we talked. He told me that his brother in-law goes off when you bring up political discussions, and had pointed at me to keep my mouth shut. But that was it. Then the next thing I know he is handing me a brand new Fly rod with 2 reels a creel, one with floating line and the other with sinking and the caring case for the rod and it's a very nice set up. It is just like his and he is an avid fly fisherman so I know it cost him a pretty penny. I asked him what this was for he said you know all that work you gave me last year , well I did very good in a time I had no work so this is a thank you. I got to tell ya I felt like a little kid at Christmas being totally surprised. Then I thanked the Lord for true friends who even if their are differences can see through them and share the Love of the Lord together with one another. We have had our share in the 50 years we known one another but with the Lord as the center of the relationship you can trust He will be in the mist's.

    Well guys catch up with ya all next week. Taking Jarrod to SC for a little R&R and chase some Turkeys
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    safe trip dave and jarrod, and enjoy the mourning mist and the sounds of spring in the air.. and jarrod you need to pay attention no more reading in the tree or the stand on turkeys they are different critters than deer are.. there will be time for reading after the hunt..
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    Good luck on your hunt and thanks for the good story. When you come back from the hunt maybe we will see a painting of turkeys started..
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    Great story Dave made me want to touch base with some old friends.
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    Good story, Dave. It's good to hear all is well with you and your friend.
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    Fantastic story and you brought a sad moment back to me but hey I still remember the guy just about everyday. Good friends can see past the faults of each other. heck none of us is perfect which is why we human. You ever think of wanting to be like them turkeys. They all alike. lol except them skinny ones.

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    Ditto to the above comments. It's times like these when you KNOW who is a true friend or not. Jim.
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