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Thread: Scrap Bin Expansion - (Art Mulder Made Me Do It )

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    Scrap Bin Expansion - (Art Mulder Made Me Do It )

    Just kidding Art. Well it must be something to do with Spring Cleaning; I notice several folks are organizing or reorganizing. Coincidentally I was working on expanding my scrap bin tower at this time as well. This is just an expansion of this model that I have settled on.


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    I inserted an in-between sized module in the existing stack making that at least one thing I did right; made this tower modular . I have started vertically dividing the cubbies as I find smaller pieces can get buried and never used up. The short, wide cubbies keep long, thin pieces easily accessible. The small pieces of sheet goods on top lean against a panel that is pocket-holed into a stud and the top of the stack. These are those troublesome pieces that are always good for something so I keep them around. Same footprint, more storage.
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    The best part of this is "same footprint, more storage".
    That is worth something!

    looking Good, Glenn
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    Hmmmm Wish I had room for a scrap bin.
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