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    You don't think about getting cut from some power tools, but here's one to watch out for. I was power washing the old tractor to get it ready for sale and was holding up a part in one hand when the pressure caused the wand to go across my wrist. I had it set on the 0 degree setting, only took a blink of an eye to take a couple of layers of skin off. Would hate to see how it would have done if it had actually stayed on there for anymore than the split second that it did. I put a coat of "new skin" over it and screamed like a little girl for a bit, but doesn't hurt too much now.

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    Yeah high pressure stuff can be no foolin bad news. Good thing it only took off the top layer or so and didn't go all the way through!!

    Honestly I cut myself more on sandpaper than anything else at this point (paper cuts)... at least once I knocked the sharp edges off of the sides of all of my chisels. Those had me redding up projects for a while there until I clued in (I'd fix one.. but then switch sizes and yep.. there we go again)..

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    Hi PSI H20 is nothin' to take for granted. You lucked out, it could have been much worse. Glad it wasn't!
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    Yep, you lucked out compared to a buddy of mine, who almost lost a toe blasting his deck barefooted
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    Hey, you are a regular cut-up and you didn't even have a sharp tool.

    I'd scream again for you but Myrna is asleep. Guess I will have to do it tomorrow.

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    Man, you've gotta be trying pretty hard to hurt yourself with water. As Ken pointed out, it could have been a lot worse. Glad it wasn't.
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    Dang, I bet that hurt. It's easy to underestimate the damage a pressure washer can do!
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    it must have been the day for little ooohwees,, i got to close to a japenezze saw those little teeth are sharp if you get to close and they are like a pikes mouth its all over before you know it glad you didnt have a worse case darren..
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    Ouch! Hope you heal up OK, Darren.

    Which reminds me - it's time for me to pressure-wash our driveway. Note to self: Watch where you aim that nozzle!!!
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    Ouch Darren...glad it wasn't worse. Another tip for not taking skin off, don't power wash a patio while wearing flip flops...DAMHIKT!
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