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    logging in

    I discussed this with Vaughan but we didn't come up with a solution so I'm going to ask it here. I am using IE7 and when I sign in I check the box remember me and then proceed on to the site,when I log out it says all cookies erased.When I come back I have to go through the whole process again.Any suggestions as to what I have to change in my browser options?
    Thanks Ken

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    Try Tools/Internet Options/Security/advanced.

    There is an option allowing session cookies. Un-check and then adjust your settings to allow some cookies - medium or medium high.

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    In IE7, log out, clear history, clear cookies. Go to FW by typing the address in the URL Window. Log-in, checking the "remember" box. Close FW. Go to FW by typing the first letters of "fam... and the browser show go to FW. If your log-n is successful, save site in a unique bookmark.

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    Change to Firefox?

    Not being any help at all.
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    Thanks but in security advanced there is no allow cookies listed and I already have it set at low.
    I tried deleting the history etc. and rentered the information then when I type Fam it comes up I get to the forum signed in, but when I go to any of the sites it requires me to "sign in" , In order to see pictures or respond?

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