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Thread: some more wall art

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    some more wall art

    the way I figure it-I walked into the montreal musuem of modern art, a man and woman were in the main display area kissing. Just hugging and kissing.
    They did that for 30 minutes, then another couple went in, and that is art to them. Not sure if Id call it art, I call it making out, but after seeing all the things the museum considers art, I decided to make my own piece of wall art to cover one of my walls.(I guess to each his own, what they consider art)

    keep an open mind now.

    one or two of you might remember I made a piece of wall art a while back, a guitar, and it was a big hit, so keeping in the spirit of music, I decided to make a keyboard.
    Nothing difficult, hanging it correctly was pretty difficult, but I got a bit of advice from Vaughn, steered me in the right direction, and I used a very wide cleat, 2 pieces 6 inches wide each, so the piece doesnt tilt inward from top or bottom.
    its 1 and 1/4 maple, with walnut for the black keys.(its 43 inches wide and 20 inches high-wanted 46 by 30, but ran into a few glitches)

    I attached the cleat only with 2 heavy screws in the center slat to allow for expansion. Im sure it will hold fine. The wall cleat is into 2 studs, it aint going anywhere.

    I have not sprayed it yet. I wanted to work on hanging it this morning, before I sprayed it.

    I put 3 coats of waterlox original on the walnut keys, I need to let it cure for another week.

    Im going to spray as many coats of gloss lacquer as I need to get a real shiny glossy finish.(almost plastic like is what Im going for)

    My buddy with the auto shop that got washed away during sandy, got his shop up and running again. hes going to come over and give me lessons on proper use of spray equipment, just to make sure Im doing everything correctly. I dont need to take this to his shop to spray since Im using water based em6000 gloss.

    Im not cutting off a piece of my ear anytime soon, Im just having fun.

    Im starting on 4 boxes this week, and 2 of those vampire kits I saw at the woodworking show.
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    I formed a similar opinion after I visited MOMA in NY last year. I wanted to ask for my money back. What a waste of time.

    Your wall art is very pleasant to look at.
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    5,011 absolutely have to rig that so it makes a noise of you push a key!!!

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    I like it Allen! Those piano keys are pretty cool. Need to hookup with Jay and get a midi player and sensors wired into each of the keys.

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    Very cool, Allen. The keyboard is a lot taller than I understood from your description. The 12" wide cleat was a good call on your part.
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    That looks great Allen me an idea for one of my BIL's birthday coming up this fall.
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