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Thread: I am new to this forum

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    I am new to this forum

    I am new to this forum so I thought I would just indtroduce my self. My name is Tom, on another forum my name is tablesawtom. I am retired andI have been woodworking for about 40 years. I am not a Neanderthal but I do believe woodwoking requires a person to use a lot of hand tool skills, as well as having the ability to use power tools. the thing I like to build is workbenchs but I only have room for one si I change about every ten years. My other hobbie is old woodworking tools. I like them all but I really like to restore hand planes. I hope what I have to say will be somewhat of an interest to you here on this forum.

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    hey tom i think this a duplicate thread,, if you like we could fix it for you
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    Welcome to the Family, Tom.

    I'm mostly a flat land power tool junkie myself, but we're all in this together!
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    Welcome, I'm primarily a hand tooler myself. I only post here occasionally but I try to keep an eye on the hand tool section for interesting threads or questions I can help with.

    I fully agree that even electron burners should have at least a basic proficiency with hand tools just as they should understand basic joinery. Pocket screws and KD bolts are like duct tape - not a real solution and not real joinery.

    Again, welcome.

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