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Thread: came with other stuff I bought

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    came with other stuff I bought

    This is a mixed batch of hand planes and stuff. One block plane appears to really be old but probably Chinese or Japanese, the Stanley #4 has some age on it, some Veritas tools, I suspect some Harbor Freight. Considering selling the lot, might keep a few things or all of it, depending on value. Anybody have a clue or can tell me what to look for? Sorry for the image quality, a cell phone I don't know how to set. Recently lost my DSLR and haven't replaced it. I can answer questions regarding markings and the tools all appear to be in very fine shape. Came from a second generation woodworker's estate.Click image for larger version. 

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    I would be interested in the LV bull nose at the right price.

    Over all it's a pretty mixed bag as far as quality and value goes. I could tell a lot better with better pictures though.

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