This is probably a duplicate post but a lot of people tend to select topics of interestand not goto a different topic, I know I do. This one wii probably of more interest to ot this section of the forum so here it is.

Is anyone from this forum planning on going to the Handworks show in Amana, Iowa at the end of May? I live 17 miles from the nearest stop light, 1 hour from the nearest big box, and 3:45minutes from an actual woodworking store. Usually the nearest woodworking show is a 6 hour drive so you can bet I am planning on being there. I will be wearing aa red ball cap that says New Yankee Workshop on it, If you would like some information about it, you can get it by going to Lie-Nielsen's web page and selecting upcomming shows. If you click on a particular vender you will get their web page.

Amana is also a tourist destination with some big resturants that specialize in home style cooking. There are also a lot of village type stores and a furniture factory there. There is a lot for both husband and wife to see and do there besides just the show. If you have never been there plan, on spending the whole day. Actually there are several villages but where the show is , is the main one.