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Thread: And the moral of this story is??????

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    And the moral of this story is??????

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    Be sure to take a chahge of underwear whenever you go fishing ????
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    had a similar thing happen to me once in Canada.. was fishing early am out on a very large lake in Ontario, was fishing for walleye and had been getting a few, when as i was reeling in another walleye around 18", a large northern pike of at least 40" came up and took it at the surface right at the boat, fought the two of them for sometime and got the pike back up to the boat where my fishing buddy missed it with the net, then the pike let go and i got the badly scarred walley in the boat. the whole thing happened so fast that it startled me enough that i was shaking for a moment, but was a great memory that will last a life time
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    The only thing I have to say is if I had been the fisherman: That boat wouldn't be usable again until it was steam cleaned and sanitized.
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    Re: And the moral of this story is??????

    Yeah have witnessed something like this myself.
    Back in SA we went fishing offshore in deep sea fishing boat. Anchored over reef and began hand line fishing over side. This was off the coast south of a town called mossel bay part of Cape Province. You can look up town on google maps. Great fishing.

    When you hooked a rock cod you had to haul ass or you felt the shark eat your fish as you hauled it up. Many times pulled in head only rest eaten and we pulled in a few good baby sharks. They got the clubbing treatment and we ate them when we got to shore.

    Have you ever had fresh baby shark fried in batter. Oh boy its a great meal.

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    I have had sharks attack fish on my line multiple times but none were as dramatic as the one in the video. I would not feel very comfortable in a kayak after a shark of that size bumped it.

    Fish story time: Many years ago my fishing buddy and I were in a shark tournament. We were fishing from a 21 foot Robalo in the dead of night which happens to be the best shark fishng time. We had prepared a bunch of frozen chum, primarily ground up menhaden and had it in a minnow bucket tied to a cleat on the boat. As it melted it formed an effortless chum slick and even better kept the smell out of the boat.

    So we are sitting there doing nothing which is the primary activity of shark fishing when suddenly there is a violent shaking of the boat. The boat rocked very violently and then settled down. We could not figure out what had happened and then thought about the minnow bucket. It was gone. The rope was shredded.

    We figured somewhere there was a fairly large shark trying to extract a plastic minnow bucket from its teeth. It was a little scary being out there some 20 miles in the dark of night with minnow bucket eating denizens swimming around you....
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