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Thread: Fireplace mantle and side cabinets

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    Fireplace mantle and side cabinets

    Here is a couple of shots of my new place and the fireplace mantle and cabinets on either side. The kitchen is just to the left of the mantle so the cabs needed to be made on the same style. The rest of the glass showed up today so it was put in, a dust rag ran over the tops and now it's a finished piece as well. I did not put lights in these cabinets but the dvr and dvd player reside in the cabinets just to the right of the mantle. The remotes work just fine through the glass even though it is reeded. We'll store mostly just junk in the cabinets but I probably won't get any room and any of them. The first pic is the space a few months ago before the sheet rock was put up so you guys can see what type of fireplace it is. It's a Lennox zero clearance wood burner. The rest are just shots from here and there in the room. I'm really enjoying the tv up on the wall that way. Never had one this way before and was concerned it might be up too high, I like it. Maybe I need a bigger one now I built all the cables into the cabinets and wall during the construction so nothing shows unless you look behind the tv. Now I'll be ok until those cables become obsolete in a few more months. I have 2 HDMI's,one set of RCA's, and RG-6 coax in there so I should be good for a while. I'll never be able to fish anything else in there without tearing something up big time.Click image for larger version. 

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    Beautiful job Jim, looks really nice. I wouldn't worry too much about the cables, they will be obsolete soon, but so will most any cable, most stuff is going wireless anyway.

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    Amazing Jim absolutely gorgeous!!!
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    Re: Fireplace mantle and side cabinets

    Oh boy beautiful. Love it all. Especially stone mixed in.
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    Wow, That looks great. Love the symmetry with the windows on the sides and every thing. Just beautiful.
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    I like.....a lot! Also a fan of symmetry. the cabinets look great.
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